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Colour: Black (Blue Lens - CAT. 2)
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True to the motto "May the FORCE be with you", we let you be the hero of the untouched powder stashes with the unique FORCE EVO.

You want to know what gives the snow goggles so much of the Force? The explanation is quite simple. An innovative LensLock System secures the mirrored interchangeable lenses so tightly in the frame that not even the strongest Jedi can pull out the lens. Thanks to the unique interchangeable lens lock and the silicone headband, the ski goggles always stay in place, especially after big ski or snowboard tumbles in the backcountry. The FORCE EVO is also very welcomed by our racers.

Wait, that's not the only powerful feature of these snow goggles. Thanks to the SnapTech Magnet System, the mirrored lenses can be changed in just a few seconds. This means you can be prepared for any weather condition that the mountain throws at you. Our FORCE EVO also has sophisticated airflow channels and a strong anti-fog coating. This means the goggles won't fog, even on the most strenuous ascents or on the way down through those endless powder stashes. A three-layer foam coating ensures a comfortable fit and perfect fit for every face. Our HD lenses also 100% protect your eyes from UV rays (UV400).

Unique Designs

The FORCE EVO ski and snowboard goggles are available in five different designs:

  • Force EVO Black with black lens (CAT. 4)
  • Force EVO Black with blue lens (CAT. 2)
  • Force EVO Aqua with blue lens (CAT. 2)
  • Force EVO Ruby with red lens (CAT. 2)
  • Force EVO Melange with red lens (CAT. 2)

Having trouble deciding on one design? Why not try our interchangeable Replacement Straps to choose a design that suits your mood you on the day.

Unsure about how The FORCE EVO will fit your helmet? Read our blog post to see popular helmets that fit the NAKED Optics goggle range.

To enjoy all the advantages of our ski & snowboard goggles, two different bundles are available.

  • The FORCE EVO Extra Lens Bundle (The FORCE EVO with an extra lens) - save $10 off the total price
  • The FORCE EVO Deluxe Bundle (The FORCE EVO with two lenses plus a goggle lens case) - save $20 off the total price

Accessories such as replacement lenses, replacement straps or lens cases can also be ordered in the online shop at any time.

For a better understanding of the different lenses please see the table below. The categories are standardised and indicate approximately how much light is transmitted through the lens and for which weather conditions it is suited.

Lens Colour


Suitable Conditions

Light Transmission / VLT (Visible Light Transmission)


CAT. 0

Night Skiing

80 - 100% VLT

Low Light

CAT. 1


40 - 80% VLT


CAT. 2

Cloudy & Partly Sunny

18 - 43% VLT


CAT. 4

Super Bright Sunshine (Bluebird, Spring Sun, High Altitude)

3 - 8% VLT

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Black (Blue Lens - CAT. 2)

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