The Ultimate Guide to Ski & Snowboard Goggle Care

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Once you've found the perfect ski or snowboard goggles, you'll want to keep them in top condition for as long as possible. To extend their lifespan, protect the foam, and maintain a clear view, there are a few key things to keep in mind. We've summarised the most important tips and tricks for caring for and cleaning your ski and snowboard goggles. Long live your goggles!

How Do I Clean My Ski Goggles?

When it comes to cleaning your goggles, you might be tempted to use special cleaning agents or cloths. However, it's best to avoid these, as they can damage the coating and lens. Simply rinse the outside of the lens under warm running water. Then, shake off the excess water. You can also use a micro fibre cloth, which often comes with your goggles (micro fibre cloth case), so you don't need to buy any special cleaning aids.

Can I Clean My Goggles with a Handkerchief or Glove?

The answer is: No! Handkerchiefs are a definite no-go for cleaning your goggles. It might be tempting to use one when your goggles are fogged up or wet, but don't do it. Handkerchiefs contain mineral fillers that act like sandpaper on the lens surface and can cause damage. The same applies to gloves or jacket sleeves, which can also cause micro-scratches. To properly care for your goggles, avoid using handkerchiefs and clothing.

When Should I Use Anti-Fog Sprays?

It's often recommended to use anti-fog sprays to prevent your goggles from fogging up. However, this is a misconception. The spray can damage the anti-fog coating on the inner lens. Therefore, anti-fog sprays should never be used on ski or snowboard goggles, but only on sunglasses and optical glasses.

How Do I Remove Water Drops from My Goggles?

While skiing or snowboarding, water drops can accumulate on your goggles. Simply dab and remove the water beads from the outside of the lens with a micro fibre cloth or a micro fibre cloth case. Et voilà - clear vision restored!

My Goggles Are Fogged Up: Can I Clean the Inside?

The inside of your goggles is very sensitive due to the anti-fog coating. Quick wiping or drying can damage this coating, compromising the anti-fog protection. If the inside needs cleaning, use only a micro fibre cloth. Carefully dab water stains with the micro fibre material. Avoid using other materials, especially gloves, which have rough surfaces that can damage the coating. Remember: clean the inside of your goggles only in an emergency!

How Do I Store My Goggles After a Day of Skiing?

Proper storage is just as important as cleaning. After skiing or snowboarding, let your goggles dry completely. Once dry, store them in a case to protect them from scratches and prolong their life. Proper storage also helps preserve the foam, which is difficult to repair or replace.

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