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When you're looking for a new ski or snowboard goggle, you inevitably come across various ski goggle lenses. Why do different lenses exist? What difference does the colour of a ski goggle lens make? The different lens colours not only look good, they serve a crucial role: protecting your eyes. Learn how this works and what you need to consider when purchasing right here in the NAKED Optics Ski & Snowboard Goggle Lens Guide.

Which colour lens – not all lenses are created equal

Have you ever wondered why ski goggle lenses come in different colours? The colours are not just intended to match your outfit. They serve another crucial role: protecting your eyes via their respective visible light transmission (VLT) rating. The tint of the lens determines how much light penetrates the lens. To ensure you find the right lens for the prevailing conditions, the VLT ratings are the ideal reference. The VLT rating is given in percentages (%) and categorised into five categories (CAT. for short). The five categories range from 0 to 4, with Category 0 for the hightest VLT and Category 4 for the lowest VLT. The higher the light transmittance in %, the more light passes through the lens. Goggles with clear lenses (Cat. 0) allow the most light to pass through, think night skiing or indoor. On the other hand, goggles with darker tinted lenses allow less light to pass through, making these lenses suitable for bright sunny days.

Ok so which lens colour is best suited for the current weather conditions?

To help you see at a glance which lens colour is best suited to the current weather conditions, we have summarised the different categories for you.

Lens Colour


Suitable Conditions

Light Transmission / VLT (Visible Light Transmission)


CAT. 0

Night Skiing

80 - 100% VLT

Low Light

CAT. 1


40 - 80% VLT

Purple/Green Low Light

CAT. 1

Snow/Fog & Flat Light

40 - 80% VLT


CAT. 2

Cloudy & Partly Sunny

18 - 43% VLT


CAT. 3

Bright Daylight (Bluebird)

8 - 18% VLT


CAT. 4

Super Bright Sunshine (Bluebird, Spring Sun, High Altitude)

3 - 8% VLT

Which lens colour do YOU need?

Unfortunately, when it comes to ski & snowboard goggle lenses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all weather types. Instead, it's all about finding the right "mix". To switch between different lens types as quickly as possible, our NAKED Optics ski & snowboard goggles are equipped with SnapTech Magnet System. This allows you to change your ski & snowboard goggle lenses in just a few seconds. Find your perfect mix and check out our range of NAKED Optics Ski & Snowboard Goggles and Lenses.

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