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Lens Colour: Low Light - CAT. 1
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You love skiing and snowboarding, but your ski and snowboard goggles are limiting you to perfect conditions? You don't know what you are looking for when making your next purchase?

We've got the solution for you and your FORCE EVO to keep your vision sharp in low light, cloudy conditions or even a whiteout. With our replacement lenses, you can equip yourself for the ever changing conditions and change your lenses in under two seconds with our SnapTech Magnet System. With the unique LensLock System there are two clips on either side to secure the lens bombproof in the frame. We have a total of four lenses for your FORCE EVO, so you will have a lens for every condition.

In the table below, the lens categories are standardised. Each lens category indicates approximately how much light is transmitted through the lens and for which weather conditions each is suited.

Lens Colour


Suitable Conditions

Light Transmission / VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

Clear CAT. 0
Night Skiing

80 - 100% VLT

Low Light

CAT. 1


40 - 80% VLT


CAT. 2

Cloudy & Partly Sunny

18 - 43% VLT


CAT. 4

Super Bright Sunshine (Bluebird, Spring Sun, High Altitude)

3 - 8% VLT

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Low Light - CAT. 1

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