It's a Match! Goggle & Helmet Compatibility.

Who knows the following scenario? Your helmet shifts around with every turn and your goggles don't fit flush with your helmet. You now have a gap between your helmet and goggles, air is constantly smashing your forehead and you are no longer protected from the snow, wind and cold. This is probably the most annoying issue that can happen when buying ski & snowboard goggles. In America they have even dedicated a day to this annoying gap. On the so-called "Gaper Day" on the 1st of April every year, crazy outfits and the annoying gap between the helmet and goggles is celebrated. So that you don't have to fret about "The Gap" we have some tips that can help you find a suitable helmet and a pair of goggles that fit your helmet.

What do I need to consider when buying a helmet?

When purchasing a helmet online it is important that you know your measurements. Don't just guess your size. Grab a tape measure and measure your head circumference. You will be thankful for this step when you have the perfectly fitting helmet. All helmets have sizes and a range of head circumference for each size. If you already have a helmet at home or you are trying one on from a friend or in a store, then perform this easy test. Put the helmet on and with the clips open and then closed, move your head around and test if the helmet falls off, moves around or presses into your head causing pain. If none of those occur, then you have a helmet that fits. Now you need to decide on the safety features you require, the look or colour, and of course how they fit with your goggles.

Safety Features

Today, many helmets are equipped with MIPS. MIPS stands for "Multi-directional Impact Protection System". MIPS is designed to protect your head from impact forces even in the event of a sideways rotational impact. Unlike helmets without MIPS, this system has an additional layer of plastic on the inside of the helmet. This layer is not fixed and allows for movement, protecting you from rotational forces. So if you fall, your head is protected by the helmet itself and the extra MIPS layer helps to reduce the rotational forces experienced on impact.

Types of Helmets

The design and construction of a helmet can also make a significant difference in comfort and style. Have you ever come across descriptions of helmets mentioning hard-shell or in-mould? Well these are the two dominant designs.

Hard-shell helmets have a two centimetre thick outer shell which comprises of hard plastic or carbon in its outermost layer. Underneath the plastic or carbon there is a material-absorbing layer of compressed foam beads. Between this inner and outer layer there is often a ventilation system that allows the air to flow from the front to the back of the helmet when you are riding on the mountain in order to regulate the heat and remove any moisture. Hard-shell helmets are most popular amongst racers, freeriders and freestylers.

In-mould helmets have an outer shell that is thin and hard. The shell is directly bonded to impact-resistant insulating material, allowing for a slimmer and lighter design. Through the moulding process, a wider range of shapes is possible. Ventilation is provided by openings on the helmet, which you can adjust via a slider mechanism in order to regulate the airflow. Basically, a good helmet ventilation system must always be combined with goggles that also provide good ventilation in order to reduce the risk of your goggles fogging. As they are generally lighter, in-mould helmets are perfect for intense and long powder days on the mountain.

Here are some popular helmets that fit our NAKED Optics Ski & Snowboard goggles.

The Giro Trig MIPS helmet is a hard-shell construction. It has removable ear pads and was worn in size M during our test. Both our FORCE EVO and TROOP EVO fit the helmet perfectly.

The TROOP EVO with Giro Trig MIPS M Helmet

The next helmet tested on the slopes was the adult Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS helmet in size M-L. It is also compatible with our FORCE EVO and TROOP EVO goggles.

The FORCE EVO with Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS M-L Helmet The TROOP EVO with Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS M-L Helmet

Another popular helmet, the POC Fornix Uni helmet in Lead Blue was tested. Here, too, the size M-L perfectly fitted our FORCE EVO and TROOP EVO goggles.

The FORCE EVO with POC Fornix Uni M-L Helmet
The TROOP EVO with POC Fornix Uni M-L Helmet

The black men's SMITH Holt helmet in size L fits a head circumference of 59-63cm. The models TROOP EVO and FORCE EVO were a perfect match for the helmet.

The TROOP EVO with Smith Holt L Helmet

The smallest helmet tested was the adult UVEX P1us 2.0 helmet with a head circumference of 52-55cm. Both the TROOP EVO and FORCE EVO were a great fit.

The TROOP EVO with UVEX P1us 2.0 S Helmet
The FORCE EVO with UVEX P1us 2.0 S Helmet


There are many helmets on the market and as such we could only test five of the current most popular. As you can see, our goggles fit a range of helmets. To keep up to date with how our goggles look and fit with new helmets check out our Instagram @nakedoptics page. And to help The NAKED Family, why not share your experiences and equipment by tagging @nakedoptics or hashtagging #nakedoptics.

So all you need to do now is order a pair of NAKED Optics goggles and you're ready to hit the slopes!