The TROOP Youth

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Colour: Black (Blue Lens - CAT. 2)
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We also have the perfect goggles for our winter sports enthusiasts who require a narrower fit. The TROOP Youth ski and snowboard goggles are the smaller version of our TROOP EVO and offer every skier and snowboarder their own unique look on the mountain.

The TROOP Youth is suitable for young winter sports enthusiasts from the age of 10 as well as adults with a smaller head or narrower face. Thanks to the frameless design, you still have a wide field of vision like it's big brother. In addition, the TROOP Youth has the three-layer foam, which makes it super comfortable to wear. In contrast to the magnetic system of its big brother, our TROOP Youth has a simple Pin System and therefore still offers interchangeable lenses. The interchangeable system of the TROOP Youth allows you to quickly adapt to the changing light conditions on the mountain. An anti-fog coating ensures perfect vision even in fog and snow. 

The TROOP Youth ski and snowboard goggles are available in a two different designs:

  • The TROOP Youth Black with blue lens (CAT. 2)
  • The TROOP Youth Giraffe with blue lens (CAT. 2)
  • The TROOP Youth Aura with purple lens (CAT. 3)
  • The TROOP Youth Ice with blue lens (CAT. 2)

In addition, a low light lens (CAT. 1) is available for low light conditions on the slopes.

Unsure about how The TROOP YOUTH will fit your helmet? Read our blog post to see popular helmets that fit the NAKED Optics goggle range.

To enjoy all the advantages of our ski & snowboard goggles, two different bundles are available.

  • The TROOP YOUTH Extra Lens Bundle (The TROOP YOUTH with an extra lens) - save $10 off the total price

Accessories such as replacement lenses or lens cases can also be ordered in the online shop at any time.

Please note, the TROOP Youth straps are smaller than the straps of the TROOP EVO and therefore the Replacement Straps will not fit this model.

The following table describes the lens categories and the suitable weather conditions for each lens.

Lens Colour


Suitable Conditions

Light Transmission / VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

Low Light

CAT. 1


40 - 80% VLT


CAT. 2

Cloudy & Partly Sunny

18 - 43% VLT


CAT. 3

Bright Daylight (Bluebird)

8 - 18% VLT

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The TROOP Youth
Black (Blue Lens - CAT. 2)

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