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Lens Colour: Black (polarised - CAT. 4)
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The VOLT offers flexibility and versatility with replacement lenses offering filter categories for all conditions. There are a total of 6 lens colours available. The simple and easy technology allows you to quickly and easily change the lenses of your sports sunglasses.

The black lens (CAT. 4) is polarised and consists of a THC material that blocks dangerous UVA and UVB rays and offers excellent protection for your eyes when exposed to high levels of radiation.

All other lenses (CAT. 0, CAT. 1, CAT. 2 and CAT. 3) are made of polycarbonate and offer UV400 protection. The Nano HD coating allows you to see contrasts in all lighting conditions as well as repel water droplets on the lens.

The VOLT are your perfect companion for all outdoor sports such as cycling, running and ski touring. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility and adaptability.

⚡️ Learn more about the different lenses and their suitable conditions in the table below.

Lens Colour


Suitable Conditions

Light Transmission / VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

Clear (non polarised)

CAT. 0

Night or dull & rainy days with very low light conditions

90% VLT

Purple/Green (non polarised)
CAT. 1

Trails in the forest with a lot of shade

53% VLT

Orange (non polarised)

CAT. 1

Cloudy, foggy or overcast conditions

53% VLT

Red (non polarised)

CAT. 2

Cloudy & Partly Sunny - changing conditions

23% VLT

Blue (non polarised)

CAT. 3


16% VLT

Black (polarised)

CAT. 4

Super Bright Sunshine

6% VLT

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Black (polarised - CAT. 4)

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