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Lens Colour: Low Light Purple/Green - CAT. 1
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Ski goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses

The NOVA - The ideal ski & snowboard goggles for the slopes are equipped with the SnapTech Magnet System for speedy lens changes. The robust polycarbonate frame encloses and holds the lens in place with perfectly positioned magnets. The super strong magnets withhold ripping turns on the groomers, massive air time in the park and gnarly freeriding adventures.

A total of eight replacement lenses with different values of light transmission are available for The NOVA. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, a lens is available for each situation. In addition to the specified light transmission, the lenses are equipped with a Super Anti-Fog coating and are 300% more resistant against fog than previous models.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Poor Visibility: Grab a spare lens

Enthusiastic outdoor lovers know how quickly conditions can change from bright sunshine to poor visibility. In order to be perfectly equipped even in changing conditions, simply change the lens to suit the current condition. Our low light lenses and purple/green low light lenses ensure the best possible vision during foggy and snowy conditions. Offering between 40% and 80% Visible Light Transmission (VLT), the lenses allow a clear view in foggy and dark conditions or during snowfall. The purple/green bad weather lens is particularly suitable for riding on days with flat and diffuse light, where high contrasts and an increased perception of the colours in the snow are particularly important.


Interchangeable ski & snowboard goggle lenses for men and women

In the table below you can see which lens category is suitable for each weather condition.

Lens Colour


Suitable Conditions

Light Transmission / VLT (Visible Light Transmission)


CAT. 0

Night Skiing

80 - 100% VLT

Low Light

CAT. 1


40 - 80% VLT

Purple/Green Low Light

CAT. 1

Snow/Fog & Flat Light

40 - 80% VLT


CAT. 2

Cloudy & Partly Sunny

18 - 43% VLT


CAT. 3

Bright Daylight (Bluebird)

8 - 18% VLT


CAT. 4

Super Bright Sunshine (Bluebird, Spring Sun, High Altitude)

3 - 8% VLT

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Low Light Purple/Green - CAT. 1

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